Friday, January 20, 2012

The Lil Coward

I'm supposed to be studying right now. Ha.

But today I realized that after 8 months of living in Pittsburgh, I haven't blogged about anything substantial.

So here goes:

My First and Only Crush at CMU (aka The Lil Coward)

The first time I saw Him, it was during Negotiations class in the summer semester. I instantly knew that He was different.

By the end of our first group discussion, He made me laugh so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

I liked Him. A lot.

I dropped the class after the first week though. Why? Because I thought I couldn't handle it. The class, I mean. :)

I thought I wouldn't see Him again. But I did, two weeks later at the bus-stop.

I was running to catch my uni bus at the bus-stop. And because Kismet wanted a chuckle, I was wearing a pair of Horrible Magic Jeans.

You know, those jeans that seemed to fit you snug but the moment you think about increasing your pace, they magically start to fall off, no matter what belt you wear. Unfortunately, all my pairs of jeans belong to that category.

So there I was, oblivious to everything except the moving bus, ignoring all known traffic rules of the road, running with one arm hitched around a hip to hold onto the Magic jeans and thus Ms Modesty. No sign of Ms Dignity though. She left the moment I saw the bus.

Anyway, I saw Him standing at the same bus stop that I was trying so desperately to get to. So I stopped for a split second. He was watching me and He was smiling. Uh oh. That's so not a good sign.

I thought to myself: 'Hold on. Maybe I should forget about the bus and instead take this chance to talk to Him. At least get Him to know my name.'

But being the Lil Coward I was, I didn't do that. Instead, I got into the bus (which I managed to catch after all). The bus moved along and soon, He was left behind.

This is not the end, though.

In the fall semester, He and I took IT Business Leadership together.

He always sat ahead of me. Which I did not mind at all.

I found out that He had a YouTube channel. So I stalked His channel a sufficient amount of time.

And listened to every word He spoke in class.

Sometimes, I would find Him walking ahead of/behind me when we got out of class.

So, did I ever speak to Him? No. The Lil Coward inside wouldn't let me.

Now I don't think that He is the greatest person who ever lived anymore. He is just an ex-classmate of mine.

But He'll also always be that cute guy I liked at CMU; the one who saw me running, holding onto my Magic Jeans. :)

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